Where the puck is going on? Wave 3

I was watching this chart tweeted by Kiran Majumdar Shaw recently, and it forced my senses to think of the current covid waves which have destroyed the backbone of not just our healthcare but spirit as well.

Seeing classmates, relatives, and families of close friends suffering from the crisis, I felt disastrous in the last few weeks, spoke to well-wishers all around, but no respite, my glittering career, family, handsome salary package, soaring stock prices, all felt meaningless, all I could think of was nothing, absolutely nothing.

I almost lost the meaning of life, when one incident halted the damage. Shankar, the housekeeping staff at my apartment was affected with serious covid conditions, he was hospitalized with 42 % of SPo2 and his poor wife was scrambling to arrange money. In no time volunteers from our society gathered, arranged donations on online platforms, shared his story to their social networks and we could get close to half a million rupees for his treatment within 12 hrs of our campaign launch.

That tells me two things, one is that humanity is not down with covid, and another when people make money they become generous as well. So I gathered my senses once again, and I am here with another story (albeit on a bigger platform this time) to help you make some money.

  1. The first wave was small, affected mostly the elderly, and made young people more confident about their health, inducing risk compensation effect. That triggered the second wave.
  2. The second ongoing wave is huge, affecting mostly young people since older people are more careful knowing they lack immunity, and also most of them are now vaccinated on priority. Even the virus mutated and made it capable to attack people with greater immunity.
  3. That brings me to the third point which by history will be less hazardous than the second but more hazardous than the first, also it may open up the mostly unaffected group till now, the kids. Again the risk compensation effect, almost all elders shall be vaccinated, the virus will be mutated yet again and the vulnerable and unvaccinated children will come under attack.

I am sure, I am not the only one dissecting this and worried about this, countries and virologist across the world already know this and they are constantly putting effort to create a vaccine for kids nowadays but most of them are so engrossed with the cruel second wave that they hardly have time.

Now as I promised, the stock which can make some money for you in the near term. The name is no brainer, Pfizer limited, as they are at the forefront in research of vaccines for teens and kids. I am expecting them to get approval for the adult vaccine in India soon and hopefully they become successful in their research to safeguard our young generation.

Hope all of you get into a position, that if someday a Shankar nearby you fall sick with a grueling disease, you would be able to donate some of your profit for his wellbeing. Thanks a lot for reading.

Please let me know if you like this article and want to read more about such triggers of change regularly.

Disclaimer: Stocks mentioned in post carry significant market risk, complete your research before buying any of them. Though I tend to bring fundamentally stronger companies, I have made many mistakes in the past and maybe wrong yet again.




Identifying tiny trigger of change in life, writes at betaideaz.substack.com

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Identifying tiny trigger of change in life, writes at betaideaz.substack.com

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